Latest images

  • Young man in Istanbul

    Young man in Istanbul

    Young man looking out the window in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Pages bookstore

    Pages bookstore

    Bookstore in Istanbul called 'Pages'. A space for Syrian artists.
  • Syrian churchyard

    Syrian churchyard

    A churchyard for Syrian refugees close to the village Nebaa Faour in Lebanon, near the border to Syria.
  • Zacharia camp

    Zacharia camp

    A view into the Zacharia camp in Lebanon
  • Taxidriver


    Syrian taxidriver in Istanbul.
  • Syrian children

    Syrian children

    Syrian children in one of the so-called “Community Centres” for refugees in Istanbul.
  • Streets of Kurtulus

    Streets of Kurtulus

    Streets in the area called Kurtulus in Istanbul where a lot of Syrian refugees live.
  • Father and son on their way to school

    Father and son on their way to school

    Young boy holding hands with his father on their way to the boy's school in Istanbul.
  • Syrian boy

    Syrian boy

    12-year old Syrian refugee living in Istanbul with his school backpack.
  • Girl in the streets

    Girl in the streets

    8-year old girl from Syria who is selling napkins at night in the Fatih area in Istanbul. The picture was taken at 1 am at night.
  • Boy sleeping in the streets

    Boy sleeping in the streets

    A boy is sleeping in the streets in the Fatih neighborhood in Istanbul.
  • Boy in the streets

    Boy in the streets

    10-year old boy who sells water and napkins outside the Fatih mosque in Istanbul at night.